In agriculture, construction and even military applications, pintle hitches are the trusted product of specialized towing. This is because pintle mounts are notorious for their high weight capacity and simple layout. The basic pintle hitch follows a hook-and-loop design, with the hook mounted on the vehicle and the loop attached to the trailer. Because of their simplicity, pintle hitches are able to have thicker metal construction and more secure coupling.

CURT has a wide variety of pintle hitches and pintle-style products to give you a complete solution for your heavy-duty towing needs. Their pintle hooks are available in a receiver style to fit a 2" x 2" receiver hitch, or in an adjustable style to mount onto an adjustable mounting plate. They range in towing capacity from 10,000 to 60,000 lbs. and have vertical load limits ranging from 2,000 to 12,000 lbs. CURT also carries a number of lunette eyes and adjustable eyes to provide the right counterpart to your pintle hitch of choice.

One unique option of our pintle hitches is the CURT combination ball and pintle. These hitches combine both a pintle hook and a regular trailer ball to make your heavy-duty truck or SUV a more versatile tow vehicle. Combination ball and pintle mounts are available with a shank to insert into a receiver or in the adjustable style to mount onto a channel or plate. CURT combination pintle and ball mounts range in gross trailer weight capacity from 10,000 lbs. to 16,000 lbs.

The heavyweight towing done by pintle hitches carries with it a certain amount of wear and tear on your towing equipment. To prepare for this, CURT has two different finishes to protect our pintle mounts, lunette eyes and combination pintle hitches. We coat our pintles in either a durable carbide powder coat or a gloss black powder coat to provide the perfect amount of rust and scratch resistance these towing components need to face the heavy-duty towing you do every day.

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