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Lunette Eyes

CURT heavy-duty specialized towing products are marked for their strength and versatility. They know the demands that come with heavy-duty towing, from the farm, to the construction site, to the backwoods trail. With the pintle mounts and hitches, they wanted to offer more than just raw towing power; they wanted to give you useful tools to conquer every job.

CURT adjustable lunette eyes are an adaptable counterpart for your pintle mount. They feature a one-piece forged eye and a formed steel bracket, providing the towing strength needed to handle heavy trailers. The feature that sets CURT adjustable eyes apart from others is their unique mounting system. Unlike our simpler 4-bolt-mounted lunette eyes, CURT adjustable eyes use a pair of bolts to mount onto an adjustable eye channel. This allows the lunette eye to be positioned at various heights on your trailer, making it easy to keep large pintle trailers level. Adjustable eye channels are available in 3-position and 5-position models.

CURT adjustable eyes are considered a lighter-duty pintle option, but their gross trailer weight capacity is anything but merely adequate. We offer units with 12,000 and 24,000 lbs. of weight capacity. All of our adjustable eyes come with a 3” inside diameter to fit CURT pintle hooks and mounts, and various finishes are available, including a black powder coat.