If you live and breathe in the world of heavy-duty towing, you know what it means to push your truck to its working limits. You need that pickup rigged with the right equipment, and you need it be able to go all day long. When you need to take full advantage of your truck and your 5th wheel or gooseneck trailer hitch, CURT adapters are an ace up your sleeve.

CURT carries both 5th wheel hitch adapters and gooseneck hitch adapters to provide a complete towing solution. Our 5th-wheel-to-gooseneck adapters easily mount into a set of 5th wheel rails using four points of attachment and provide a 2 5/16” trailer ball to accept a gooseneck trailer. These 5th wheel gooseneck plates have a towing capacity of up to 25,000 lbs. and a tongue weight capacity of 6,250 lbs. They are excellent for hauling most gooseneck trailers such as livestock trailers, industrial equipment haulers, flatbeds, farm equipment and more. They also include with the 5th wheel / gooseneck adapters pins and clips for mounting and finish them in a highly resistant carbide powder coat to give them a strong defense against scratching, UV damage and corrosion.

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