In the automotive industry, you cannot expect one size to fit all. You cannot even expect a handful of different hitches to fit all the different types of vehicles out there today. Every vehicle, from the compact car to the minivan to the full-size pickup truck, has a unique body type and frame design. Furthermore, every vehicle type differs across manufacturers, whether you are driving Chevrolet, Ford, Honda or Toyota. To create an exceptional receiver hitch, the hitch needs to be engineered precisely for the vehicle it is intended to be bolted onto. CURT, brings real vehicles into their engineering bays. They use sophisticated design software and hands-on interaction to build receiver hitches that are totally customized for each vehicle. The result is a better product that installs faster, works harder and lasts longer. We do not think of our receiver hitches as mere accessories to be slapped on your vehicle. A CURT hitch is an extension of your vehicle and an integrated part of its frame and design.

No matter what you are towing, we want you to be able to Bring It® for years to come, and that is why CURT receiver hitches are put through rigorous testing before being deemed ready to tow. CURT ensures that each hitch is able to perform at its listed capacity and that it will offer a safe towing solution for you and your family. All of our receiver hitches are mechanically de-scaled and dipped in a liquid Bonderite® coating, covering the entire hitch, inside and out. This provides long-term prevention of rust and corrosion. The high-gloss or carbide powder coat is then applied, co-curing with the Bonderite, to offer superior rust, chip and UV protection.

From Class 1 and 2 hitches to the Class 5 Xtra Duty and Commercial Duty, each custom receiver hitch is manufactured in the USA. With each receiver hitch, CURT confidently includes a one-year finish warranty and a limited lifetime construction warranty.

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