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Sway Control Units

A sway control unit is an inexpensive solution to the problem of a wandering trailer. CURT sway control kits are designed to attach to your vehicle and trailer at the coupling point and counteract any lateral movement in your trailer, keeping your tow load straighter on the road and giving you more control over your vehicle. The sway bar uses a material like that used in brake pads to provide the necessary resistance while still allowing your vehicle to complete proper turns with your trailer attached. The sway control mounts onto the frame of your trailer and connects to the vehicle’s ball mount using a separate trailer ball. CURT sway controls are adjustable and easy to install. They come with a sway bar, a trailer-mounted attachment ball, a hitch-mounted attachment ball, a weld-on tab, a mount reinforcement plate and attachment clips.

Though a weight distribution hitch is not an ideal solution for trailer sway on its own, CURT weight distribution hitches are made to be combined with a sway control unit and many are available with a sway control included for a complete package. CURT also has ball mounts that are specially designed to work with a sway control kit, having a sway tab welded right onto the ball mount platform.

We recommend using a sway control any time you are towing a heavier load. While one sway control kit can be sufficient to help correct the problem, two units are recommended for maximum control and stability. CURT also carries a number of sway control replacement parts and accessories to make sure your needs are met. It does not take much – a strong breeze, a passing semi truck or even excessive tongue weight – to start your trailer swaying. Stop sway in its tracks and make your towing ride as smooth as possible with CURT sway control.