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Gooseneck Replacement Parts

Both CURT under-bed and over-bed gooseneck hitches are engineered to be the best. CURT set the bar high and put each of the gooseneck hitches through a rigorous process of designing, testing and redesigning until they are confident that each hitch is ready for production and for the task ahead of you. As such, when a CURT gooseneck hitch is installed in your pickup truck bed, it is more than another tool in your belt; it is a workhorse ready to yoke up with your 4x4 and charge forward as a team, pulling whatever heavy-duty gooseneck trailer you need to haul.

While the gooseneck hitches are strong, durable and dependable, they recognize that there may be times when parts become lost or damaged. Every horse needs a new saddle from time to time, and CURT gooseneck replacement parts are the perfect fit.