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Towed Vehicle Brake Control Seat Stiffener #BRK2503

Blue Ox Towed Vehicle Brake Control Seat Stiffener #BRK2503


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The seat stiffener works with any drop in tow brake on the market. It provides a larger surface area on the seat for the brake system to push against. This means you get better, more responsive braking. If you continually get a “reposition brake error” this will help solve that problem. To install: Put a piece of Velcro on the brake’s push pads and on the outside of the seat stiffener. The brake’s push pads should line up and push against the outside of the “pockets”.


  • Provides A Larger Surface Area On The Seat For The Brake System To Push Against, You Get Better, More Responsive Braking
  • Continually Get A “Reposition Brake Error” This Will Help Solve That Problem
  • To Install: Put A Piece Of Velcro On The Brake’s Push Pads And On The Outside Of The Seat Stiffener
  • Limited 90 Day Supplier Warranty



Blue Ox Patriot Braking System


Limited Lifetime Warranty



Installation Type

Velcro Strap

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Estimated Install Time

0.25 Hour

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