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CURT part #23530

CURT Anti-Rattle Hitch Lock #23530


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When you want to Bring It without having to worry about the safety and security of your toys, the only real answer is CURT. CURT towing security products are designed to be a perfect fit, easy to use and a reliable security solution for your specific towing needs. The CURT anti-rattle hitch lock goes one further, offering a superior security system.

The CURT anti-rattle hitch lock uses a threefold security system to fully protect your trailer hitch, ball mount and trailer. The first level of security is a heavy-duty spring nut. This large square nut fits into any 2" x 2" hollow ball mount shank and uses a thick spring to keep the nut pressed tightly against the shank walls. This keeps the ball mount totally fixed and perfectly silent as you drive. The second security component is the anti-rattle hitch lock's 5/8" diameter threaded pin. With the spring nut installed, the pin inserts into the side of the receiver tube and shank and bolts on tightly to the threaded hole in the spring nut. This keeps the ball mount and subsequently your trailer fully fastened to your trailer hitch. Also, because the pin is threaded, the anti-rattle hitch lock resists all rattling and any potential sway caused by a loose pin. The final level of security is the anti-rattle hitch lock's barbell-style locking mechanism. This hitch lock snaps onto the end of the pin and deters any tampering or theft of your ball mount. The lock is key-operated to make sure you are the only one who will be unhitching your trailer.

The CURT anti-rattle hitch lock is designed to fit a 2" x 2" receiver tube and is only compatible with hollow shanks. In addition to ball mounts, the anti-rattle hitch lock is perfect for keeping cargo carriers, bike racks and other hitch-mounted accessories completely secure and totally silent during your towing excursions.


  • Stops rattling and prevents swaying of load when using a hollow shank
  • 5/8" pin diameter fits hollow 2" x 2" shanks
  • Heavy-duty square spring nut for reliable security
  • Watertight dust cap prevents internal corrosion
  • Protected by a durable chrome-plated finish
  • Includes two keys and a wrench for installation


Product Type Description Anti-Rattle Hitch Lock
Warranty One Year Limited
Shipping Weight 1.280
Finish Chrome-Plated
Receiver Tube Size 2
Pin Diameter .625

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