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5th Wheels

Whether you are towing your RV to the family campground or hauling machinery cross-country on your flatbed, 5th wheel trailers are built with a bigger lifestyle in mind. There is something deeply satisfying about hitching up your pickup and heading for the horizon with the rumble of the engine beneath you and the power of a fifth wheel trailer behind. But with greater power comes a greater need for heavy-duty equipment that can handle the job.

A 5th wheel trailer hitch is designed to mount into a pickup truck bed and receive a kingpin from a 5th wheel trailer. Much like the design of a semi truck, a 5th wheel hitch features a large, generally flat coupler head that latches onto the kingpin using a set of locking jaws. Being mounted in the back of a pickup, between the axles, this type of hitch can handle much more weight than a standard trailer hitch, up to 24,000 lbs. 5th wheel hitches also provide a wider turn radius and overall smoother ride. Though a 5th wheel takes up more room in the truck bed when installed, it mounts to the vehicle using a set of brackets and rails that allow the main 5th wheel assembly to be removed whenever necessary, without much effort.

CURT 5th wheel trailer hitches are built and tested to be highly functional, soundly constructed and safe to use. Like all CURT products, our 5th wheel hitches are put through strenuous testing to ensure they can perform at their listed capacities. We offer 5th wheel hitches and hitch brackets for nearly every make and model of appropriately sized vehicle and provide a number of accessories and adaptive products to make both your towing equipment and experience something you can take pride in.